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30 Days of Tamora Pierce Challenge

Day 2: Favorite female character

Another tough choice, but Alanna wins by just a little.  Even though all of Tamora’s women work hard for what they want and don’t take shit from anyone, I think that Alanna had some of the largest obstetrical and actually made all of the other Tortall woman’s way easier.  Alanna takes so many risks and achieves everything that she sets her mind to and struggles with all of the sacrifices that she has to make.  Also I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must have been to find out that Rodger was brought back to life, by her own brother, who corrupted and killed her brother from the inside out!  And I love how she grew as a person, going from forswearing love and friendship but ends up with all of the friends and family.  And she marries George, fully embodying the idea of warrior woman.  She also has interaction with each heroine that follows her, and each is such an unique relationship. 

Photo source: ~kathrynlillie